Costas presented a workshop on Strategic Innovation.. How to win by breaking the rules.

Our network of CEO’s and alumni attended our second annual BIG P2P meeting as an exclusive opportunity to network with each other while improving valuable strategic skills. Freek Vermeulen's 2011 workshop was very positively received and based on his recommendation we invited Professor Costas Markides to present the 2012 workshop.

Costas is the professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and holds the Robert P. Bauman Chair of Strategic Leadership at the London Business School (University of London).  A native of Cyprus, he received his BA (Distinction) and MA in Economics from Boston University, and his MBA and DBA from Harvard Business School. 

Accredited with being one of the world top 50 business thinkers by Harvard publishing, Costas  presented a 3 part strategy workshop, on how to generate innovative value from business organisations.