Executive Coaching & Networking

We offer CEO's, Company Directors and Key Executives, P2P executive exchange programs.  Executives from non-competing organisations meet regularly to exchange ideas on business challenges, improving their knowledge and creating a wider support network to assist them with ongoing complex business issues. Alternatively we can offer individual executive training in Performance Management.

We expect executives in our P2P Executive Exchange Programs to gain the following benefits:

· Idea factory New ideas are essential to the health of any company, and the program creates a unique executive forum for sharing insights with other leaders and industrial sectors, where basic assumptions can be challenged, steps for implementation more fully understood and confidence gained in exploiting opportunities.

Improved Decision Making The participants in the group act as an informal group of advisors. With their diverse set of experiencesmany may have already confronted similar challenges and their knowledge can enhance a members learning curve in taking the right decisions on complex issues.

Better Confidential Peer Advice   Key executives rely on good advice from their Board of Directors, external advisers and employees, however, often conflicts of interest inherent in these relationships can make it hard to get to the truth.  Members and coaches test assumptions, uncover opportunities and hold each other accountable for taking action.

A Value for their own Career Experience   In small groups, members engage in candid and challenging discussions under the facilitation of a highly experienced business coach.

Getting Better Results  In the end the program is about getting results, and provides continuous accelerated practical learning, more actionable that any one-time workshops. It's about turning ideas into actions with great results.

P2P Membership requirements

Group membership is strictly limited to executives with senior strategic responsibility and selected to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. Members remain with their group for as long as the meetings are of value.

We offer 3 levels of Management Development Programs.

P2P:  Meetings are scheduled monthly for 3 to 4 hours with a greater emphasis on each of the participants industries and business issues.

P2P+: Participants receive monthly summaries of the latest business publications, have a one to one meeting with the group chairman who helps them select which of 12 meetings per year, each on a specific subject, will be of most use for them.

Individual Performance Management: Confidential one to one meetings with an experienced senior executive. The needs of an executive are assessed and paired with an executive either from our team or from our wide network of executives within our P2P programs.