Training & Development

PerCapita's Training Philosohy is to teach new skills and to ensure they are utilised following the program. This is achieved by a careful assessment of a clients needs, using participant questionnaires and feedback from individual management meetings. Each training program is then customised to meet these needs using best adult teaching practice and a fun learning environment and actively assisting with a later follow up to ensure the new skills are effectively implemented.

We Teach Management and Professional Skills.

We do not lecture as our teaching methodology is based on proven principles of adult education and we use well established international materials and group exercises.  By aligning each training program to each company’s stated goals and objectives, and with the support of senior management, the individual or team skills taught should directly and positively impact company performance.

Our Training Experience and Skill include: Basic Supervision, Feedback , Appraisals, Performance Management Sales, Customer Service, Corporate Values, Internal Communication and Team Work

We Develop Internal Trainers to deliver internal programs.

We facilitate an organization’s internal training capacity and resources, from training the trainers, to the selection of training methodology and materials.  We use our expertise in adult education to help your staff in course design and the timing and duration of programs, or with specialist skills such as providing video based participant feedback.