We offer solutions to facilitate the effective development of organisations, their management and leadership.

We work well with organisations and individuals who feel the need to develop and change.

Our philosophy is to impart passion and humour into business practices, as a lasting source of professional inspiration for both the individuals and the organisations with whom we work.

Our professionalism, trust and confidentiality allow us to build long term valuable relationships with our clients and business partners.

PerCapita provides P2P exchange forums, performance management, coaching and in-house training on a group or individual basis. 


2018 Big P2P meeting This year our annual P2P meeting was help on October 12th under the theme of “Leading change” In 3 sessions, with 5/6 separate groups, a P2P CEO explored their own leadership challenges which were then opened up for discussion with other executives.
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2017 Big P2P meeting inspiring success

The PerCapita annual Big P2P meeting was held on 21 October in Erinevate Tubade Klubi. The day was inspired by the many CEO’s who have shared their leadership stories with us over the last few years.

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